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# Congratulations 2019 Corn Festival Tournament Winners! Results below. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to more great action tournament photos. Please remember to thank our generous sponsors.

Thank you, Ron Hebert and Mark Neilson for the great photos

Gold Medal Winners: BIA, Michael Kennedy, Scott Harris, Missing from Photo Joe Fratangeli. Pickle Medal Winners: Councillor Brian Houston, Councillor Andrew Dowie, Deputy Mayor Joe Bachetti

Mens 3.5/ 50-64

Gold Mike Bringas & Joe Michalko, Silver Jeff Chevalier & Richard Gauvin, Bronze Pat Renaud & Greg Sasso

Mens 3.5/ 65+

Gold Stuart Hyodo & Peter Walker, Silver Bill Dunn & John Vlcek, Bronze Ted Klassen & Don MacTavish

Womens 3.5/ 50+

Gold Jill Jakob & Sylvia Lutsch, Silver Laurie Howie & Pat McGivney, Bronze Celia Klassen & Pat Tellier

Mens 4.0/ 50+

Gold Rene Beaule & Dave Smyth, Silver Terry Morais & Fernando Avila, Bronze Mike Graff & Gary Thompson

Mens 3.0/ 50+

Gold Brian Bensette, Silver Jack Jung, Bronze Gerry Nagle

Womens 3.0/ 50-64

Gold Mitch Dunn, Silver Roxanne Smith, Bronze Claudette Farah

Women's 3.0/ 65+

Gold Astrid Crudo, Silver Marie Merschback, Tied for Bronze Barb Girard & Valerie McIntosh

Mixed 4.0/ 50+

Gold Mike Graff & Sam Graff, Silver Diane Sepetanc & Peter Sepetanc, Bronze Terry Cassidy & JoAnne Neilson

Men's 70+

Gold John Vlcek, Silver Adrian Yates, Bronze John Pere

Mixed 3.5/ 65+

Gold Ken Sauve & Deb McGivney, Silver Joe Berry & Astrid Crudo, Bronze Roger Hawkins & Jeannette Quenneville

Mixed Open 18+

Gold Mark Eugeni & Jill Jakob, Silver Rene Beaule & Malinda Hebert, Absent from photo, Bronze Rob Kubic & Laurie Howie

Mixed 3.5/ 50-64

Gold Pat Tellier & Joe Michalko, Silver Bill Bashura & Sylvia Lutsch, Bonze Celia Klassen & Ted Klaussen

Mixed 3.0/ 50+

Gold Brian Bensette & JoAnne Cooper, Silver Jack Jung & Joni Ouellette, Bronze Bill Dunn & Mitch Dunn

Mens Open 18+

Gold Mike Graff & Rene Beaule, Silver Mark Eugeni & Terry Morais, Bronze Maarten Graham & Rob Kubik

Mens Open 18+ Bronze Maarten Graham & Rob Kubik

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