Welcome MEMBERS: New Schedule starting Monday, July 16th Now that the province has moved us to COVID Step 3

Global Pickleball Network (GPN) will still be our main scheduler! Continue to use it for reservations and to view the current play schedule. TPA will continue to organize “events” (such as Tuesday ladies & men’s in June) using your GPN self-rating to invite you. Keep your self-rating accurate on GPN as this is how you will be invited or placed into different levels for events or, hopefully, to the return of TPA in-house fun tournaments!

Thank you to everyone for their input on our Preferred Play Survey #2. We have incorporated your requests: Reservations, Open Play ( drop in) and something new, the “Shuffle”. Please see below for explanation/definitions of types of play and where to find how to self-rate. During the first two weeks of this schedule, let us know of any adjustments that you think may help all TPA members. We thank you in advance for your input. In addition to the above TPA times, remember the courts are also available to all resident keyholders and TPA members 12:30–6:30 daily and all day Sunday.

Drop in $5.00, must contact Malinda tpapresident202@gmail.com


Open Play - Drop In (all 4 courts)

Line up your paddle(s) along the fence. This creates the order of “next to play” on the next open court. You can put an individual paddle in line if you want to mix with other players, or put 4 paddles together if you only want to play in your group. If you are a single and see a small pile of 2 or 3 paddles, feel free to add your paddle to make the 4th. Play one game, come off and add your paddle back to the paddle lineup if you want another game.

Shuffle (Court Facilitator will be onsite)

A system we want players to become familiar with for Lacasse Park play. 4 courts, max of 18 players. Court 1 being the strongest players. Matches will be timed or when the first 2 courts finish, all courts stop. Winners move up one court and split. If you lose, you move down one court and split. Losers of court 4 sit off and 2 more players start on court 4. If more than 18 players show up, you must wait until a player leaves to join in. If you are not comfortable mixing, please choose “open play” where you can remain within your own group.


Continue to use Global Pickleball Network (GPN) for any reserved time.

TPA Hours

Rules of Play

Town of Tecumseh time slot

Remeber this is a membership club and you must join to book a court.

As we move into less restrictive COVID zones, lessons, tournaments and social events will return. TPA will communicate changes asap in 3 ways: email, Facebook, GPN and on our website. The TPA executive reserves the right to change court rules. The Town has the right to limit the number within the gated area @ Shawanoe. 2 metre social distancing is always required. Bring your own ball. Sanitize regularly.
If there is more than 25 people in the gated area please wait for your court time outside the gated area.

Information on how to rate yourself:

Note: Above the 2.0 level, all levels should be able to demonstrate most of the skills for their level plus most of the skills from preceding levels. Thus a 2.5 level player, for example, demonstrates most skills in the 2.5 level list as well as most skills in the 2.0 level list, and so on.